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Five things councils must know to directly deliver homes for shared ownership and private sale

October 14, 2021

Cross-subsidy from private sale and shared ownership has long been a tool by which the private sector has delivered affordable homes. Increasingly, local authorities are using this model, too – but often without experience. As a result, councils can be missing critical strategic considerations that may leave them high and dry when market conditions change; overlooking significant routes to market that can speed up sales substantially; and neglecting design elements that are crucial to private buyers.

None of this is as complex as neurosurgery, but it is vitally important to reducing risk and maximising the chances of success – and of building the funds needed to support an affordable and social housing programme. What are the crucial do’s and don’ts of developing for private sale and shared ownership? How should you hedge against changing market conditions? How important is marketing – and how do you get it right?

This webinar will ask:

  • Have you thought through all the risk associated with delivering a sales programme and the mitigation strategies for a busy or slowing market?
  • What systems do you have in place to monitor and report on a sales programme, and what KPIs should you be using?
  • Are you confident you have the right product and specification for a particular area or location?
  • How do you ensure the right internal infrastructure to take on shared ownership and private sale, not just for the sales period but for the on-going management?
  • How early in the process do I need sales advice?


Claire Flowers, head of housing development agency, Cambridge City Council
Melodie Hampson, head of sales and marketing, London Borough of Hackney
Danny Sutcliffe, partner, Red Loft
Neil Vokes, director of development, Camden Council (tbc)
Toby Fox, managing director, 3Fox (chair)

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