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“Uniquely, The Voice of Authority manages to convey the personality behind the person and blends detail and context. The reader gets an invaluable understanding of key drivers and issues for politicians and officers. It takes us well beyond ‘Linked In’ and it has already become an essential resource in preparation for meetings and opportunities with local authorities.” Mike De’Ath, partner, HTA Design

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Each includes access to every interview posted to The Voice of Authority. (The first interview was posted in June 2019. A new interview is now posted every working day, five days a week, amounting to at least 250 a year.) Each interview is linked to a unique place profile, providing background information about the borough and its growth objectives and development opportunities, to provide context. More features are in development.

When are articles published?

Who are the articles by?

The Voice of Authority is produced by 3Fox, the marketing agency for councils. www.3fox.co.uk. Every interview is presented in unedited form, with no hidden filter or agenda: this is the authentic Voice of Authority.

How long does my subscription last?

Annual subscriptions last 12 months and monthly subscriptions last one month. You will be notified well in advance of your subscription ending, to give you an opportunity not to renew.

What type of people are subscribing?

Anyone seeking to do business with councils. The Voice of Authority subscriber wants to understand the vision for a borough and the people who are shaping that vision, their drivers and motivations. Specifically, The Voice of Authority is designed for the development community: contractors, developers, investors, planning consultants, architects, consultation agencies and advisors.

Who are the interviews with?

The Voice of Authority launched in June 2019 with 10 interviews at six London local authorities and one council-owned development company. The voices are those of leader, cabinet member, chief executive and director: the most senior of the people who shape a place’s vision and implement it.

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