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Easy to say, hard to do

You need to improve your natural environment, not just protect what you've got.

We don’t care enough

I'm a very demanding person when it comes to expectations of what are you doing for the public good.

Valuing place

We're looking to revisit our growth strategy. Our open spaces got so much use and people really valued them. That's something we've got to take onboard.

Move beyond traditional

The most immediate thing is making sure adjacency issues for industrial land and our residents are managed well, and we can get better at doing it.

Renewal on purpose

The pandemic has shown the cost of poor housing.

Working with the grain

The plan commits us to 30% open space. We're building in ambitious targets.

Developing spaces

We have a theatre that's 50 years old. We want to build a new one.

Everything I do

Northfields is another industrial site and we have a commitment to provide more industrial space there.

We need to be very honest

You need planning to give communities the voice to speak about what is happening to them.

We need to achieve

There is no funding for replacement homes. Where we have estate renewal programmes that's really problematic. It's not just about new homes, its about improving existing homes.