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Ambitious and bold

It's a signal of the council's long-term commitment to housebuilding, at scale, using all the resources it has available to it.

Driving force

I don't want to name names but it got all the way to Parliament. It was a national issue.

Really influential

The growth board brings together the leaders of place. The levers of planning and delivery sit together.

It’s how you deliver

Delivering affordable and social housing is the key thing we need to do in our borough.

Explain the change

Growth and development can feel quite far from people's lives.

Sovereign bodies

In the 12 months to July we saw 500 familes move from London to the district, net. And that's just going to continue.

New administration

We're trying to set a priority for sustainable communities and places.

Easy to say, hard to do

You need to improve your natural environment, not just protect what you've got.

We don’t care enough

I'm a very demanding person when it comes to expectations of what are you doing for the public good.

Valuing place

We're looking to revisit our growth strategy. Our open spaces got so much use and people really valued them. That's something we've got to take onboard.