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We need to be very honest

You need planning to give communities the voice to speak about what is happening to them.

We need to achieve

There is no funding for replacement homes. Where we have estate renewal programmes that's really problematic. It's not just about new homes, its about improving existing homes.

A planning super-service

Covid has really brought home the idea of 15-minute neighbourhoods. We need more around us than just a home.

Open mind

There's been concern for a long time that primary healthcare services just aren't in Merton, particularly the east of Merton.

The real challenge

Ealing has a lot of strategic industrial land. There have been lots of conversations about how that land is intensified. That's one thing we are really focusing on.

The “get out of bed” stuff

If someone is coming to Greenwich to work with us, you're going to be judged against that context.

Support and deliver

Outside Westminster, looking at London's growth corridors, we can unblock stalled sites, take sales risk and forward fund schemes.

The door is open

We have a bunch of exciting businesses doing exciting things and they need more space.

Change the model

If you keep investing in crisis you get more crises. Invest in prevention.

Real issues

We're very keen to look at masterplans or area action plans to give some certainty to developers and residents.