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It’s time for a big idea

There are two main benefits that central government can offer housing: one is confidence, the second is advocacy.

Delivery, delivery, delivery

My wish list that in three to four years’ time we are the top delivery borough, transforming people’s lives, offering fantastic new places to live, work and enjoy.

Up it a gear

It’s the type of project – in scale, ambition, how we look at the quality of life we want to create here – that excites people.

On the map

That means developers can lock into what we’ve already got, our objectives and priorities, based on what residents have said they want.

A good place

The way we heat our homes, the way we travel, is going to radically change. We’re starting to really push on that in Merton.

Preserving and nurturing

When austerity hit, at the forefront running the food banks were the faith communities. Everyone collaborated. That’s really borne benefits for the whole community.

Easier said than done

We are going to market in 2020. Hopefully, we will have selected a development partner by the end of the year.

Enhance and promote

It is all about the different ways to animate and diversify a town centre, away from an over-reliance on traditional retail.

Beating targets

We’ve got the third lowest retail vacancy rate of any district town centre in southeast England. We are operating at roughly 4% vacancy.

Maintain diversity

We want something well-designed, well-constructed, that people like living in.