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The “get out of bed” stuff

If someone is coming to Greenwich to work with us, you're going to be judged against that context.

Support and deliver

Outside Westminster, looking at London's growth corridors, we can unblock stalled sites, take sales risk and forward fund schemes.

The door is open

We have a bunch of exciting businesses doing exciting things and they need more space.

Change the model

If you keep investing in crisis you get more crises. Invest in prevention.

Real issues

We're very keen to look at masterplans or area action plans to give some certainty to developers and residents.

Every way possible

Our development team has over 40 new staff and despite lockdown we will deliver or be onsite with over 3,000 homes by 2022.

It’s time for a big idea

There are two main benefits that central government can offer housing: one is confidence, the second is advocacy.

Delivery, delivery, delivery

My wish list that in three to four years’ time we are the top delivery borough, transforming people’s lives, offering fantastic new places to live, work and enjoy.

Up it a gear

It’s the type of project – in scale, ambition, how we look at the quality of life we want to create here – that excites people.

On the map

That means developers can lock into what we’ve already got, our objectives and priorities, based on what residents have said they want.