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Take that opportunity

You may never get the opportunity again, and what's the worst that can happen?

Really energised

Let's not delude ourselves that we can exist without oil.

Why not?

It takes a bit of time to understand what it is you want to achieve.

Impersonal to personal

What keeps you up at night isn't really opposition to development; it's when a young person is killed or put at risk.

We are the problem

New people have been the lifeblood of the district. Change was the thing that drew you here in the first place.

Frustration and anger

Those conversations can happen in the UK. It doesn't have to happen in Cannes.

Always involved

It was not so much a turning point as opportunism.

Challenge the status quo

Was every penny well spent? Probably not, but it made a difference.

Can I do this?

We work hard, we play hard and we’ve made a real difference to the borough.

Kindred spirit

Our funding is year to year - we don't know what grant we're going to get next year. We find out two months before the end of the year.