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The right thing

When I came back I realised: "If we don't fight for this, we'll lose it".

Dig deep

It's really important to being an activist, knowing you may never have the opportunity to run for a position of authority.

Great attractions

I won't pretend I knew I was going into planning. I absolutely did not.

A big thing

Being asked to be a councillor, from originally thinking that Westminster was where the most important politics took place.

Local focus

You don't wake up when you're seven and say: "I want to be a town planner".

It’s Mrs Maguire’s fault

That was a really vivid moment, when I realised what was right and what was wrong.

I’m going back in

They have consistently banged the drum that we need to develop skills across councils, and have done a fabulous job for London.

Platforms for people

We're really proud of the work we've done there. That's managed to change over 1,000 lives.

It got me angry

Politics needed more people who had experience of delivering these policies.

Awful experience

Life is short. What is it you want your legacy to be?