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Live better

I recognised that if I was going to do something, now was probably the moment to start.

Skin in the game

To make change happen and deliver things for local people, some of that is about being willing and prepared to take the downside of responsibility and authority.

Helping out

I got into politics because it was a lunatic place.

Never give up

My experience gives me the position to navigate this, to work out the difficulties.

We can do it

Eat your heart out, Tony Pidgley. This is of the same standard and quality but it’s the council doing this.

Doors open and close

I felt like my world was ending. I felt really hard done by. I got over it

Something to give

That unwillingness to go along with what everyone seemed to think was right led me to get involved politically.

Risking everything

I learned an empathy with real people, doing real things, risking everything in their life.

Get into it

The stuff I was involved in then is being ripped out at the moment, which is quite entertaining.

Appetite for risk

A fantastic learning opportunity, it gave me a real ability to get underneath things, see what was happening, and make a difference.