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I’m going back in

They have consistently banged the drum that we need to develop skills across councils, and have done a fabulous job for London.

Platforms for people

We're really proud of the work we've done there. That's managed to change over 1,000 lives.

It got me angry

Politics needed more people who had experience of delivering these policies.

Awful experience

Life is short. What is it you want your legacy to be?

All life is here

I was looking at that and thinking "how can I get involved in trying to solve the housing crisis?"

Live better

I recognised that if I was going to do something, now was probably the moment to start.

Skin in the game

To make change happen and deliver things for local people, some of that is about being willing and prepared to take the downside of responsibility and authority.

Helping out

I got into politics because it was a lunatic place.

Never give up

My experience gives me the position to navigate this, to work out the difficulties.

We can do it

Eat your heart out, Tony Pidgley. This is of the same standard and quality but it’s the council doing this.