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Always involved

It was not so much a turning point as opportunism.

Challenge the status quo

Was every penny well spent? Probably not, but it made a difference.

Can I do this?

We work hard, we play hard and we’ve made a real difference to the borough.

Kindred spirit

Our funding is year to year - we don't know what grant we're going to get next year. We find out two months before the end of the year.

Profound effect

What's important, in those difficult situations, is being transparent and honest.

You must be joking

I was a councillor in Manchester. I sort of fell into the housing and regeneration space.

I didn’t want to lose

He said an hour or two every week is all it will take. And I fell for it.

You can only do better

I'm not saying we've done everything right. But sitting on the fence doesn't help anyone.

The right thing

When I came back I realised: "If we don't fight for this, we'll lose it".

Dig deep

It's really important to being an activist, knowing you may never have the opportunity to run for a position of authority.