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Base camp

Physically it would definitely be realistic. But practically, I don't know. I'm not there yet.

Honour bound

Nobody else in the world can have any control over what I'm going to do there.

Switching off

If you took that home with you all the time it would make it very difficult for your life overall.

Cold turkey

Six or seven years ago, my GP kindly said I was for the knacker’s yard.

Ideal place

I can hit good shots. I can hit really bad shots as well.


Afterwards I feel renewed and have a sense of re-dedication, to deal with the challenges.

Fight your corner

I was refereeing Vinnie Jones and Dennis Wise...

Midfield enforcer

It seemed like a good idea, but I nearly got the leader lynched.

Fixing things

Every single nut and bolt, I’ve taken apart and put back together again.

Mountain man

On the bucket list, absolutely, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, is Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East.