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Really impressed

He was such a charismatic guy and he had that great ability to connect.

I’ll let you into a secret

What's missing is residents realising what we could do - I don't think we appreciate the arts enough.

A social thing

The pressure has been phenomenal. All leaders will be in the same position.

Still learning

We're planning a sabbatical next year and doing a three-month cycle tour from Dallas to Vancouver.

Sense of purpose

It turned out to be one of the most awful, traumatic experiences. I was incredibly naive.

Big question

I don't think any of us really know the complete answer but I'm an optimist by nature.

Setting targets

If you ever see me in the world championships you'll know I've succeeded.

What makes it tick?

I bought a Raspberry Pie. It's a single board computer that allows you to reminisce, get back into technology.

Everything is a negotiation

It’s life experience that matters more than professional experience.

Open spaces

Once you're halfway through you think: "You might as well keep going".