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Change the world

I'm trying to change the world a little bit every day.

Everyone has value

I'm hoping people will still want me here and I've got a choice to make.

Cooking and dreaming

I've always felt I'd like to cook for some of my colleagues.

Practical and direct

I go through phases. It's Johnny Cash if I feel really low, but generally it's Jarvis Cocker and lots of Abba.

It’s a challenge

Before the pandemic I was really enjoying my Saturday morning art class.

Opening up

I'm the first black person in the role. They're very ambitious about addressing inequality.

Who knew?

It was a realtively high level of difficulty and exposure and I used everything. I used my eyebrows!"

Competitive spirit

Lots of people love the underdog story but I love seeing somebody really at the top of their game.

What gets me through

People know what they want. They know what they should do.

Quiet advice

It's energising to speak to somebody who hasn't been beaten down and just wants to deliver for their community. We can still do amazing things.