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Things are getting interesting

We’re starting to build a second pipeline with our own assets but also with our partners who don’t do housing, where we could do the housing for them.

It’s ramping up

That’s the approach we’ll take in redeveloping there. We are going to make a positive announcement about that very, very soon.

Fantastic neighbours

We’ve had the benefit of working with some really, really good people, who have been totally honest from the start, and we are now seeing the fruits of that delivered.

Art of the possible

They worked very carefully with members and the community, to develop plans consistent with people’s aspirations, financial realistic and developable.

Stick to the deal

The idea that we’re building communities, not buildings. Almost everybody will parrot that out. You can only really measure it in hindsight.

Wider challenge

We’d want someone who has experience and a track record of successful delivery and to a high quality.

Big picture

We want to make sure we are as “can do” and as supportive of partners we work with as possible.

Premier league

We have a social value policy. In any of our procurement, any of our contracts, if it doesn't meet that policy, it doesn't go anywhere. It’s not negotiable.

One step further

When we are procuring we will be saying it’s around design, around affordable housing and raising that bar.

Complete change

They are organisations with the same ethos as our council, the passion not just for housing but for supporting the evolution of our communities.