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Cross-border opportunities

As part of our affordable housing bid to 2026, we with four or five other boroughs have aggregated our sites into a 2000-home programme suitable for delivery under MMC.

Check your facts

It meant we could turn to this group of people to help deliver and drive infection rates down.

Exciting agenda

I've asked for detail about how we relate not just to neighbours but the East of England, the innovation corridors, the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.

New generation

Of our majority group of 35, 18 of us were new in 2018.

Shared frustrations

Waltham Forest is a council that does take risks. We're very comfortable with managing risk.

A people to people business

Modular will be the only way to go. The market will drive us to it. We haven't got the materials to do it any other way.

Gaming the system

We are rapidly and massively expanding the role of Broadway Living. We have an appetite for up to £450 million.

The door is open

How shall we shift government's compass so it reflects public opinion on growth issues?

Park the tanks

The Ox-Cambs Arc is the game in town. I am going to be part of it.

I’m a believer

That partnership with Orbit and Wates created a community. It's fantastic.