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The door is open

How shall we shift government's compass so it reflects public opinion on growth issues?

Park the tanks

The Ox-Cambs Arc is the game in town. I am going to be part of it.

I’m a believer

That partnership with Orbit and Wates created a community. It's fantastic.

Local context

We want design firms, particularly, that are more representative of local populations and with a strong commitment to social value.

Call to action

We've got an infrastructure now in our organisation to support partnership.

Ruthlessly focused

We’re talking to a number of new developers I’ve never worked with before. I want a bit of diversity.

Looking into the future

At a very early stage, if you see your council's aspirations coming through, you know the developer is for real.

Red carpet treatment

I've got 20,000 people on the housing waiting list. It's about being able to build those homes and I don't think height should be an issue.

It’s about consensus

You can come to a consensus that doesn't detrimentally affect your area or the other area.

Out of the box thinkers

We want partnerships with the private sector, with organisations that are being creative, that are up for taking a risk.