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Lived experience

The institutional resistance to understanding how other Londoners live their lives struck me as something that had to be addressed.

Trust and understanding

We're a developer so we're looking for really good quality construction partners.

Significant players

They're not with us out of kindness. They recognise there is something exciting going on here.

Good and strong

Because we build properties ourselves we wanted to make sure we had a list of local businesses for procuring sub-contractors.

We have leverage

We will work with you however long it takes to get affordable housing, family units, open space. There is a standard we expect.

Maximum integration

We've created partnerships by being clear and honest at the beginning.

Things are getting interesting

We’re starting to build a second pipeline with our own assets but also with our partners who don’t do housing, where we could do the housing for them.

It’s ramping up

That’s the approach we’ll take in redeveloping there. We are going to make a positive announcement about that very, very soon.

Fantastic neighbours

We’ve had the benefit of working with some really, really good people, who have been totally honest from the start, and we are now seeing the fruits of that delivered.

Art of the possible

They worked very carefully with members and the community, to develop plans consistent with people’s aspirations, financial realistic and developable.