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Amazing woman

She totally believed art was for everyone, even in really precarious times.

Change is accelerating

The ideological strength of leadership is really important, but so is pragmatism. The world never stays the same.

A drink on Sloane Square

If I've led that or championed that, that’s a huge achievement.

Tone and nuance

I'm sure you'll see changes of tone and nuance in how we work with the local community. But you'll see similar values.

It’s about delivery

I try to explain this to officers all the time: politicians are about delivery.

Radically different

You have power if you have an idea and you're willing to use it.

Stand ready

Healthy placemaking is a new kid on the block but very persuasive as far as I'm concerned, about how we need to do that well.

Sense of service

He tried to teach Gazza chemistry, on day release from Newcastle United.

Test of faith

That's a great investment in the future of housing - a true test of faith.

A different relationship

They're not there to manage me - they're there to make sure we realise the administration's goals on behalf of the whole borough.