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Different perspectives

Yes needs to be the answer - it can't be no.

Absolutely radical

It was so gritty and difficult. We had every element of a regen scheme that can go wrong.

New era

They're making a real sea change to how towns and cities are used by inhabitants and viewed by outsiders.

Big on collaboration

I want to take the secretary of state through different parts of the housing market that need more attention from him.

Moral duty

I say to anyone coming to Brent: meet our residents because you will see why we are doing this.

A child in the city

That's the lense I look through in relation to estates and our approach to tenure integration and equality through social regeneration.

Salutory lessons

What was extraordinary was his ability to make a decision clearly and quickly, utterly surgically, to ensure there was confidence.

Relentless enthusiasm

I'm less of a dealmaker, I’m somebody who is good at bringing people together to make things happen.


We’re not providing the service that we should provide in planning. We just don't have the money or the people.

Always approachable

He’s got eight million people living in London but he’s always prepared to sit and listen to what we’ve got to say.