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Stand ready

Healthy placemaking is a new kid on the block but very persuasive as far as I'm concerned, about how we need to do that well.

Sense of service

He tried to teach Gazza chemistry, on day release from Newcastle United.

Test of faith

That's a great investment in the future of housing - a true test of faith.

A different relationship

They're not there to manage me - they're there to make sure we realise the administration's goals on behalf of the whole borough.

“We know where you live”

The planners had wrecked the place in the '60s. It was like: "If you do this again, you know, we know where you live..."

Good partners

There are developments in Redbridge that haven't happened yet and it's a real shame. The pandemic shook everybody.

A better way

The reputation of Brent has changed significantly. It has been about honesty, about transparency.

Acknowledge risk

If you're heading towards the same goal, we can all share those values and work together.

Why wouldn’t we?

There were five finallists and officers said afterwards: “We could pick any of these for any of our smaller sites".

Make mistakes and fix them

The idea was to mix with all the other disciplines - the idea was you bounce off each other.