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Acknowledge risk

If you're heading towards the same goal, we can all share those values and work together.

Why wouldn’t we?

There were five finallists and officers said afterwards: “We could pick any of these for any of our smaller sites".

Make mistakes and fix them

The idea was to mix with all the other disciplines - the idea was you bounce off each other.

Never say no

It made the country more tolerant and pleasant place to live.

Wake-up call

It's not very often you get to work on a whole new town, from nothing.

Different perspectives

Yes needs to be the answer - it can't be no.

Absolutely radical

It was so gritty and difficult. We had every element of a regen scheme that can go wrong.

New era

They're making a real sea change to how towns and cities are used by inhabitants and viewed by outsiders.

Big on collaboration

I want to take the secretary of state through different parts of the housing market that need more attention from him.

Moral duty

I say to anyone coming to Brent: meet our residents because you will see why we are doing this.