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The way forward

It’s taken us a while to understand that industry and employment space can have a really significant function in more residential areas.

A long haul

Kick-starting commercial investment, which was council-led, speculatively, to give a boost – that worked really well.

Up in the air

We told developers to offer homes to Harrow people first. They used the brand ‘homes for Harrow people’. And people changed their minds.

They learned

The engagement they had with residents as they went through it, to see what they really wanted, what they liked, allowed residents to buy into it.

New level

We made it up as we went along. Nobody has done an HRA-funded housing development like this.

Fairy tale ending

It’s beautifully designed, lovely brickwork. There is a yearning for that kind of design by residents.

Lean and mean

At times things will go wrong, but it’s important that you don’t shoot people for that.

Pick a project
and think big

It’s a really good example of how ambitious local government can make the weather rather than being subject to it.

Bells and whistles

It still is a very nice place to live, now. Why can’t we do more places like that?

And that’s how it happens

You’re not going to get away with it, frankly. It’s not going to fly and you should assume it’s not going to fly.