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Active partner

Placemaking colleagues were very active in shaping the vision. We were a really active partner.

Beacon of hope

It has to have that social infrastructure - it's not just bricks and mortar.

Locked off

There were chain-link fences and signs saying: "Don't come in" all over the place.

The top line

If you live in a warm safe home, you've got money coming in every month, maybe you don't feel you need growth.

Living experience

That was really interestsing and something I would like to see in our developments going forward.

Talk to the kids

As developments build out the complaints they get about this age group increases. What can we do?

That’s how we make it real

It's all about bringing together the cultural, the commercial and the residential in sufficient density that people want to be part of it.

Phenomenal achievement

It’s going to make the area so much better. Congratulations to everyone who worked on that.

Important symbol

It underlines our deep respect for our staff. The work they did during the pandemic, brought home to us that their wellbeing has to be at the heart of the building.

The spaces in between

It's about how you think about things on a human scale - how people fit into space.