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Mind blowing

At Elephant Park the communal space, those shared allotments, were mind-blowing, as a way to create neighbourliness.

Raising spirits

At the time I went there, land was worth more for storing lorries on than for housing. The council took a really brave role to invest and raise land values and standards.

The whole picture

They don't just look good - they serve a real purpose as well.

Lived experience

We're not perfect but the work we've done on homelessness is quite phenomenal.

Fantastic to hear

It's a real example of how regeneration and development should be.

The best are yet to come

This is one of the most important projects anywhere in London, carving out a new way of how you can be old.

Challenging us

That’s really underpinned the kind of communities that develop – people’s engagement with local communities. They become more challenging of us.

Capacity challenge

Did I see 20 years ago that it would transform the way it did? I wouldn’t have thought that would happen.

The way forward

It’s taken us a while to understand that industry and employment space can have a really significant function in more residential areas.

A long haul

Kick-starting commercial investment, which was council-led, speculatively, to give a boost – that worked really well.