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Deliver on expectations

It would mean that affordable housing is a more desirable thing to deliver for developers.

Missing a trick

To avoid that extra borrowing, to bring a project into a viable state so we can move forward with it, get the construction sites going again and help get the economy going, is really important for us.

Window of opportunity

Government could enable the PWLB rate to be reduced, to help us to stimulate the housing market on the back of that.

Grown-up discussion

If the need is 300,000 units a year, the Government should take perhaps half of that into New Towns.

Judicious and entrepreneurial

It’s going to be necessary for the private sector, the RPs, all parts of the public sector, to think about that collective, community obligation.

People won’t forget

They’ve got to give us the headroom, the money, to get on and do what we do best.

Foundations for recovery

Development can’t take a back seat, because big construction projects last for years, restarting the wider economy.


The conversation about viability is going to be more challenging.

Doing what we can

I really feel for the town centre. It is one thing after another, in terms of the pressures they are facing.