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Significant demand

Right in the middle of Covid we did an Instagram launch and personalised video tours. That scheme sold out in two weeks, and at the asking price.

Get stuck in

With the best will in the world, dealing with investors and developers isn’t going to set them up well to deal with that type of call.

A big number

It’s important some conversations happen face-to-face. But why should we move all the staff back into a building, five days a week?

Support and enhance

If we are to continue having those centres, we have to ask: Is that the best use of the capital that is tied up in them?

Significant intervention

We are beginning to see the implications, the impact and that’s going to be large, scary numbers.

Ducks in a row

There’s been a body blow, but we’re not down and out. We are on the ropes and we’ll come back.

Utterly extraordinary

We know we need to inspire investor confidence, and confidence from our own businesses, that it is worth continuing.

Keep the show on the road

There are some efficiencies and some better ways of working that are going to change the way we operate going forward quite fundamentally.

A number of fronts

Everyone will have to take a haircut on this to get the development market moving again.

A changed world

We have to ask questions about the masterplan. The epidemic will make companies reassess their plans.