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Don’t bring me problems

The planning reform bill should do something about the five-year supply conundrum.

What is your legacy?

I'm not against entrepreneurial spirit and I'm not against profit but I am against inequality.

We don’t do gimmicks

It's been a really good development but they've got more to go.

Scale of change

We're trying to lift the surrounding wards out of the top 10% in deprivation - to really address poverty and health inequalities and skills.

Level of ambition

There are really difficult questions about how we use our streets. Community involvement is critical.

Modernise and intensify

We've very deliberately not designed in all the detail. We don't know all the answers.

Victims of our own success

The main challenge in Ilford is not allocating sites, but securing housing delivery, having a clear vision for the future of the town centre.

On the ground

I have set a target for Brent: 5,000 homes over the next administration. We are more than well on our way to achieving that.

Understanding the assets

It has surprised me just how long things take. A good scheme should take 18 months to three years.

Big bucks

We’re building the capacity in our teams but it takes time – the skills and knowledge to deliver real, big programmes like Merdian Water.