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No simple solutions

We have three pilot sites for modern methods of construction to see if we can get around some of these challenges.

The engine room

We are LBBD Plc. My shareholders happen to be 215,000 residents.

Grow up and get on with it

Public transport in London is bound to struggle for a long while with Covid. Fare income is not going to recover in a hurry.

Finding solutions

We have nearly 30,000 people on our waiting list, nearly 3,000 families in temporary accommodation. That's 5,000 children. We need to build homes.

Difficult times

The proposals include selective Green Belt release for major growth of housing.

Get onboard

There are things we have to do but developers aren't off the hook - they have to bring things to the table.

Build carefully

Local councils have waiting lists of tens of thousands looking for somewhere to live. But we have to build carefully.

That can be exciting

If you’re going to hit net zero by 2030 you’ve got to do it now. It’s eye-watering.

Be realistic

How do you build in a way that's fair and equitable, so you can have social housing and private tenants living side by side?

Grown up government

Most councils are fine the way they do investment. Most of us have very balanced portfolios.