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Understanding the assets

It has surprised me just how long things take. A good scheme should take 18 months to three years.

Big bucks

We’re building the capacity in our teams but it takes time – the skills and knowledge to deliver real, big programmes like Merdian Water.

Scale of ambition

Most things that are worth achieving are complicated.

A new worry

We still think there's going to be growth on the corridor from Waterlooo to Wimbledon.

Sharp focus

We want to set our carbon offset tax high enough to really bring carbon production down on-site.

Fundamental questions

The workspace question is very much alive. Rather than having a space in everyone's flat or house, providing a workspace in the local environment could be really interesting.

New identity

We've delivered solidly for three years for Westminster - the same team. But we are a new company and we want to find the right partners.

We have overcome

It's those interventions we are making, to put the infrastructure in place so people can plug in straight away and work with us.

Awkward sites

We're working on a really exciting project with a housing association, for older people, on a piece of land that was really difficult to build on.

Time is of the essence

It could negate all the work we've been doing for two years to reduce our temporary accommodation list.