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Sense of exploration

I want to stay in one place and commit to see this through.

Pertinent and vital

It's challenging to bring that thinking into Redbridge.

The penny dropped

I was campaigning against Brighton Council when the penny dropped.

Keeping it simple

We knew what we needed. We quickly came up with designs that worked and we built those homes.

Raising the profile

We're getting close to the point where we want to announce a partner.

We can deliver

There are ways of working with the market to get the prices that work for both sides.

Work in progress

There's a whole civic and town centre we're trying to develop.

A good listener

I don't want too many serious conversations. And when I start laughing I get the giggles quickly.

Stay grounded

That changs your perspective on life, on what is important in the area around you.

Big influence

You could really tell they had spoken to local people and reflected that in their plans.