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Complete passion

Everyone was working crazy hours. I thought: "If I take it up now I will have to go home before midnight".

I’m going back in

They have consistently banged the drum that we need to develop skills across councils, and have done a fabulous job for London.

Absolutely radical

It was so gritty and difficult. We had every element of a regen scheme that can go wrong.

Raising spirits

At the time I went there, land was worth more for storing lorries on than for housing. The council took a really brave role to invest and raise land values and standards.

Trust and understanding

We're a developer so we're looking for really good quality construction partners.

New identity

We've delivered solidly for three years for Westminster - the same team. But we are a new company and we want to find the right partners.

Support and deliver

Outside Westminster, looking at London's growth corridors, we can unblock stalled sites, take sales risk and forward fund schemes.