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It became addicitve

I deeply regret that we don't drink in the same pub. There was a time when we did politics, and then did socialising after meetings together.

Grow up and get on with it

Public transport in London is bound to struggle for a long while with Covid. Fare income is not going to recover in a hurry.

Tangible delivery

Decision making is easy, but making decisions come to fruition is the big priority.

Stay the course

It's not about horse-trading, it's about putting cards on the table so there are no surprises.

Locked off

There were chain-link fences and signs saying: "Don't come in" all over the place.

Cooking and dreaming

I've always felt I'd like to cook for some of my colleagues.

Blank sheet

I've always looked with fondness to my relationship with the first borough planner I worked with.