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What gets me through

People know what they want. They know what they should do.

Tone and nuance

I'm sure you'll see changes of tone and nuance in how we work with the local community. But you'll see similar values.

Impersonal to personal

What keeps you up at night isn't really opposition to development; it's when a young person is killed or put at risk.

Be realistic

How do you build in a way that's fair and equitable, so you can have social housing and private tenants living side by side?

Explain the change

Growth and development can feel quite far from people's lives.

Shared frustrations

Waltham Forest is a council that does take risks. We're very comfortable with managing risk.

Important symbol

It underlines our deep respect for our staff. The work they did during the pandemic, brought home to us that their wellbeing has to be at the heart of the building.

Absolutely delightful

We need to ensure that we always have incubation space for local businesses and space for them to gain scale and maturity. It’s always a part of the discussion with developers.

Salutory lessons

What was extraordinary was his ability to make a decision clearly and quickly, utterly surgically, to ensure there was confidence.

Live better

I recognised that if I was going to do something, now was probably the moment to start.