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Foundations for recovery

Development can’t take a back seat, because big construction projects last for years, restarting the wider economy.

Utterly extraordinary

We know we need to inspire investor confidence, and confidence from our own businesses, that it is worth continuing.

Things are getting interesting

We’re starting to build a second pipeline with our own assets but also with our partners who don’t do housing, where we could do the housing for them.

It’s ramping up

That’s the approach we’ll take in redeveloping there. We are going to make a positive announcement about that very, very soon.

Fantastic neighbours

We’ve had the benefit of working with some really, really good people, who have been totally honest from the start, and we are now seeing the fruits of that delivered.

Closer together

We’ve got a formal partnership for this whole growth corridor, to unlock 15,000 homes but also deliver thousands of new jobs and industrial space.

Radical vision

If you look at our major sites, we have a 100% success record in getting them through the planning process on time. We are confident.

Stick together

The only members of the Labour Party who are in power, and have been since 2010, and will be until 2024, are local government: councillors, cabinet members and leaders.

Delivery, delivery, delivery

My wish list that in three to four years’ time we are the top delivery borough, transforming people’s lives, offering fantastic new places to live, work and enjoy.

Up it a gear

It’s the type of project – in scale, ambition, how we look at the quality of life we want to create here – that excites people.