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Keep discovering

I’m working even harder than I did before, for about a fifth of the money. But I’m absolutely loving it.


The day it doesn’t get to me is the day I’m no longer a caring, feeling person.

Facing the consequences

Yes, we’re building council homes, but increasingly it’s about local government enabling rather than doing it ourselves.

Council building

Compared to the usual construction companies they’ve been a dream to work with - committed to the local area.

Inspire us

We’re thinking “long term posterity”, making the future of the borough better for everybody.

National uncertainty

We’ve got the land, we’ve laid the groundwork. Things might be slowed down but I don’t think they will stop. My worst fear is that we won’t be able to achieve the full potential.

Changing places

Private industry – pharmaceutical, bio-tech – are clamouring to get there, because they know that’s just a huge opportunity.