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Quiet advice

It's energising to speak to somebody who hasn't been beaten down and just wants to deliver for their community. We can still do amazing things.

It’s about delivery

I try to explain this to officers all the time: politicians are about delivery.

We are the problem

New people have been the lifeblood of the district. Change was the thing that drew you here in the first place.

Grown up government

Most councils are fine the way they do investment. Most of us have very balanced portfolios.

Sovereign bodies

In the 12 months to July we saw 500 familes move from London to the district, net. And that's just going to continue.

A people to people business

Modular will be the only way to go. The market will drive us to it. We haven't got the materials to do it any other way.

The spaces in between

It's about how you think about things on a human scale - how people fit into space.