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Setting targets

If you ever see me in the world championships you'll know I've succeeded.

I didn’t want to lose

He said an hour or two every week is all it will take. And I fell for it.

Good partners

There are developments in Redbridge that haven't happened yet and it's a real shame. The pandemic shook everybody.

Where we need to be

The key development is yet to come - the one where you've got 500-1,000 homes built and you can point to it and say: "That's fantastic".

Looking into the future

At a very early stage, if you see your council's aspirations coming through, you know the developer is for real.

Victims of our own success

The main challenge in Ilford is not allocating sites, but securing housing delivery, having a clear vision for the future of the town centre.

Developing spaces

We have a theatre that's 50 years old. We want to build a new one.