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Big question

I don't think any of us really know the complete answer but I'm an optimist by nature.

You must be joking

I was a councillor in Manchester. I sort of fell into the housing and regeneration space.

“We know where you live”

The planners had wrecked the place in the '60s. It was like: "If you do this again, you know, we know where you live..."

Setting a new bar

As a piece of suburban urbanism, it's a really terrific high quality scheme. And it's completely unrecognisable.

Ruthlessly focused

We’re talking to a number of new developers I’ve never worked with before. I want a bit of diversity.

Modernise and intensify

We've very deliberately not designed in all the detail. We don't know all the answers.

Working with the grain

The plan commits us to 30% open space. We're building in ambitious targets.