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A good release

The challenge is around "how do I stop doing it" rather than "how do I do more of it".

A big thing

Being asked to be a councillor, from originally thinking that Westminster was where the most important politics took place.

Never say no

It made the country more tolerant and pleasant place to live.

Back to the borough

I'm not against a building that's taller than what's there at the moment if it looks the part and brings a buzz.

The bottom line

This whole region needs new homes and new ways of getting local economies working.

A new worry

We still think there's going to be growth on the corridor from Waterlooo to Wimbledon.

Open mind

There's been concern for a long time that primary healthcare services just aren't in Merton, particularly the east of Merton.

Challenging us

That’s really underpinned the kind of communities that develop – people’s engagement with local communities. They become more challenging of us.

Capacity challenge

Did I see 20 years ago that it would transform the way it did? I wouldn’t have thought that would happen.

Doing what we can

I really feel for the town centre. It is one thing after another, in terms of the pressures they are facing.