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Challenging us

That’s really underpinned the kind of communities that develop – people’s engagement with local communities. They become more challenging of us.

Capacity challenge

Did I see 20 years ago that it would transform the way it did? I wouldn’t have thought that would happen.

Doing what we can

I really feel for the town centre. It is one thing after another, in terms of the pressures they are facing.

A number of fronts

Everyone will have to take a haircut on this to get the development market moving again.

A changed world

We have to ask questions about the masterplan. The epidemic will make companies reassess their plans.

Art of the possible

They worked very carefully with members and the community, to develop plans consistent with people’s aspirations, financial realistic and developable.

Stick to the deal

The idea that we’re building communities, not buildings. Almost everybody will parrot that out. You can only really measure it in hindsight.

Wider challenge

We’d want someone who has experience and a track record of successful delivery and to a high quality.

The next big prize

People are chomping at the bit for it now, rather than resisting it. That serves us well.

Rising tide

It sticks in the craw to hear that local authorities don’t give planning permissions. That’s just tosh.