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Practical and direct

I go through phases. It's Johnny Cash if I feel really low, but generally it's Jarvis Cocker and lots of Abba.

Absolutely immersed

You have to stand in front of your peers and make your case, and there's nothing more terrifying.

Finding solutions

We have nearly 30,000 people on our waiting list, nearly 3,000 families in temporary accommodation. That's 5,000 children. We need to build homes.

Not business as usual

Net zero presents an opportunity to do things differently now, to change the way we do things to build a fairer borough.

Stand in their space

We have to be open and honest about the trade-offs. We simply don't have enough homes.

The top line

If you live in a warm safe home, you've got money coming in every month, maybe you don't feel you need growth.

Fast forward

She comes across as someone with really strong values, but not dogmatic. It's not about her, it's about getting the job done based on these values.