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Strong base

Consulting not for the sake of consulting, but to actually understand what makes communities tick.

Judicious and entrepreneurial

It’s going to be necessary for the private sector, the RPs, all parts of the public sector, to think about that collective, community obligation.

Significant intervention

We are beginning to see the implications, the impact and that’s going to be large, scary numbers.

People won’t forget

They’ve got to give us the headroom, the money, to get on and do what we do best.

Ducks in a row

There’s been a body blow, but we’re not down and out. We are on the ropes and we’ll come back.

Mountain man

On the bucket list, absolutely, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, is Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East.

He did
it quietly

You wouldn’t necessarily know him, but he was a big, big influence on a huge part of London.

Aiming high

You’re not doing it just “because”. You’re doing it with purpose. We have to be purposeful.

Pick a project
and think big

It’s a really good example of how ambitious local government can make the weather rather than being subject to it.

Re-think the model

There are huge opportunities in Hounslow, massive ones, and some of it quite off-radar. There are parts of our borough which can accommodate 14,000 new homes.