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Ideal place

I can hit good shots. I can hit really bad shots as well.

Firm friend

When I started talking, people looked at me as if I was an idiot. But now they see it's important.

Doors open and close

I felt like my world was ending. I felt really hard done by. I got over it

New level

We made it up as we went along. Nobody has done an HRA-funded housing development like this.


Afterwards I feel renewed and have a sense of re-dedication, to deal with the challenges.


There were segments of society that hated her, but they hated the change she represented and that change had to come.

Something to give

That unwillingness to go along with what everyone seemed to think was right led me to get involved politically.

Complete change

They are organisations with the same ethos as our council, the passion not just for housing but for supporting the evolution of our communities.

Social value

Anybody can write a submission for a tender but, in discussion, you can see whether or not they really mean it.

Next big thing

We are the next big thing: relatively low land values, but with the benefit of the Elizabeth Line.