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Missing a trick

To avoid that extra borrowing, to bring a project into a viable state so we can move forward with it, get the construction sites going again and help get the economy going, is really important for us.

Get stuck in

With the best will in the world, dealing with investors and developers isn’t going to set them up well to deal with that type of call.

Window of opportunity

Government could enable the PWLB rate to be reduced, to help us to stimulate the housing market on the back of that.

A big number

It’s important some conversations happen face-to-face. But why should we move all the staff back into a building, five days a week?

Grown-up discussion

If the need is 300,000 units a year, the Government should take perhaps half of that into New Towns.

Support and enhance

If we are to continue having those centres, we have to ask: Is that the best use of the capital that is tied up in them?

Ideal place

I can hit good shots. I can hit really bad shots as well.

Firm friend

When I started talking, people looked at me as if I was an idiot. But now they see it's important.

Doors open and close

I felt like my world was ending. I felt really hard done by. I got over it

New level

We made it up as we went along. Nobody has done an HRA-funded housing development like this.