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Base camp

Physically it would definitely be realistic. But practically, I don't know. I'm not there yet.

Relentless enthusiasm

I'm less of a dealmaker, I’m somebody who is good at bringing people together to make things happen.

Skin in the game

To make change happen and deliver things for local people, some of that is about being willing and prepared to take the downside of responsibility and authority.

A long haul

Kick-starting commercial investment, which was council-led, speculatively, to give a boost – that worked really well.

Big picture

We want to make sure we are as “can do” and as supportive of partners we work with as possible.

Taking a lead

Even in the most vibrant and prosperous places, developers like to see the local authority put their money where their mouth.

Enhance and promote

It is all about the different ways to animate and diversify a town centre, away from an over-reliance on traditional retail.

Honour bound

Nobody else in the world can have any control over what I'm going to do there.


We’re not providing the service that we should provide in planning. We just don't have the money or the people.

Helping out

I got into politics because it was a lunatic place.