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The running man

I was determined to get a job working on the Olympics. It makes my heart warm to remember. It was such a moment as a Londoner.

It’s Mrs Maguire’s fault

That was a really vivid moment, when I realised what was right and what was wrong.

Different perspectives

Yes needs to be the answer - it can't be no.

Mind blowing

At Elephant Park the communal space, those shared allotments, were mind-blowing, as a way to create neighbourliness.

Lived experience

The institutional resistance to understanding how other Londoners live their lives struck me as something that had to be addressed.

Fundamental questions

The workspace question is very much alive. Rather than having a space in everyone's flat or house, providing a workspace in the local environment could be really interesting.

The “get out of bed” stuff

If someone is coming to Greenwich to work with us, you're going to be judged against that context.