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Opening up

I'm the first black person in the role. They're very ambitious about addressing inequality.

Amazing woman

She totally believed art was for everyone, even in really precarious times.

Take that opportunity

You may never get the opportunity again, and what's the worst that can happen?

Get onboard

There are things we have to do but developers aren't off the hook - they have to bring things to the table.

Driving force

I don't want to name names but it got all the way to Parliament. It was a national issue.

Check your facts

It meant we could turn to this group of people to help deliver and drive infection rates down.

Talk to the kids

As developments build out the complaints they get about this age group increases. What can we do?

The running man

I was determined to get a job working on the Olympics. It makes my heart warm to remember. It was such a moment as a Londoner.

It’s Mrs Maguire’s fault

That was a really vivid moment, when I realised what was right and what was wrong.

Different perspectives

Yes needs to be the answer - it can't be no.