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It’s a challenge

Before the pandemic I was really enjoying my Saturday morning art class.

A real sense of action

TfL put the case well when they said that, of their infrastructure investment programme, 55% benefits supply chains in the North. We'll be making the same case for our pan-London retrofit agenda.

How could I help?

There's a wider recognition among residents I talk to that there's a need for new housing.

Difficult times

The proposals include selective Green Belt release for major growth of housing.

Ambitious and bold

It's a signal of the council's long-term commitment to housebuilding, at scale, using all the resources it has available to it.

Cross-border opportunities

As part of our affordable housing bid to 2026, we with four or five other boroughs have aggregated our sites into a 2000-home programme suitable for delivery under MMC.

Living experience

That was really interestsing and something I would like to see in our developments going forward.

Still learning

We're planning a sabbatical next year and doing a three-month cycle tour from Dallas to Vancouver.

Kindred spirit

Our funding is year to year - we don't know what grant we're going to get next year. We find out two months before the end of the year.

A different relationship

They're not there to manage me - they're there to make sure we realise the administration's goals on behalf of the whole borough.