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Open spaces

Once you're halfway through you think: "You might as well keep going".

Dig deep

It's really important to being an activist, knowing you may never have the opportunity to run for a position of authority.

Why wouldn’t we?

There were five finallists and officers said afterwards: “We could pick any of these for any of our smaller sites".

Thorough process

Not engaging is not the answer. You lose your opportunity to shape it.

Out of the box thinkers

We want partnerships with the private sector, with organisations that are being creative, that are up for taking a risk.

Big bucks

We’re building the capacity in our teams but it takes time – the skills and knowledge to deliver real, big programmes like Merdian Water.

We need to achieve

There is no funding for replacement homes. Where we have estate renewal programmes that's really problematic. It's not just about new homes, its about improving existing homes.