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Difficult times

The proposals include selective Green Belt release for major growth of housing.

Ambitious and bold

It's a signal of the council's long-term commitment to housebuilding, at scale, using all the resources it has available to it.

Cross-border opportunities

As part of our affordable housing bid to 2026, we with four or five other boroughs have aggregated our sites into a 2000-home programme suitable for delivery under MMC.

Living experience

That was really interestsing and something I would like to see in our developments going forward.

Still learning

We're planning a sabbatical next year and doing a three-month cycle tour from Dallas to Vancouver.

Kindred spirit

Our funding is year to year - we don't know what grant we're going to get next year. We find out two months before the end of the year.

A different relationship

They're not there to manage me - they're there to make sure we realise the administration's goals on behalf of the whole borough.

The big aim

You have to remember when you're doing development that user satisfaction is the big aim.

Local context

We want design firms, particularly, that are more representative of local populations and with a strong commitment to social value.

Scale of change

We're trying to lift the surrounding wards out of the top 10% in deprivation - to really address poverty and health inequalities and skills.