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The conversation about viability is going to be more challenging.

Keep the show on the road

There are some efficiencies and some better ways of working that are going to change the way we operate going forward quite fundamentally.

Cold turkey

Six or seven years ago, my GP kindly said I was for the knacker’s yard.

No question

Sometimes, when they’re angry at you personally, you’ve got to not take things personally.

We can do it

Eat your heart out, Tony Pidgley. This is of the same standard and quality but it’s the council doing this.

…Then he chucked a rock at me

I thought: “Gosh, if that hit me on the head it would have killed me".

Big success

If we didn’t do something different, we would risk the town centre dying.

Make some history

We are confident the expertise and experience we have means we will deliver.

Vote of confidence

We had lots more people coming to talk to us. New people, a level of interest which I’ve not seen before.