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Friday night dinner

Kids from council estates don't get the opportunity to play music growing up.

Radically different

You have power if you have an idea and you're willing to use it.

Frustration and anger

Those conversations can happen in the UK. It doesn't have to happen in Cannes.

Scope and ambition

We have to find compromise. We have to find a way of living together in a harmonious society in which some of us are going to disagree on some things, sometimes.

New administration

We're trying to set a priority for sustainable communities and places.

Gaming the system

We are rapidly and massively expanding the role of Broadway Living. We have an appetite for up to £450 million.

No ambiguity

I am desperately proud of High Lane, working with residents to win the first ever estate regeneration ballot of any London borough.

Ups and downs

That is one I've always said: "I'm not sure I'd do it again". But never say never.

Local focus

You don't wake up when you're seven and say: "I want to be a town planner".

Wake-up call

It's not very often you get to work on a whole new town, from nothing.