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Ups and downs

That is one I've always said: "I'm not sure I'd do it again". But never say never.

Local focus

You don't wake up when you're seven and say: "I want to be a town planner".

Wake-up call

It's not very often you get to work on a whole new town, from nothing.

A plan to deliver

I'm able to say, if you're going to come and work in this bit of the borough, I know what's needed in that area.

Long-term commitment

Thinking about our economic vision I really want to see developers who bring a real vision about a mixed-use place.

Sharp focus

We want to set our carbon offset tax high enough to really bring carbon production down on-site.

The real challenge

Ealing has a lot of strategic industrial land. There have been lots of conversations about how that land is intensified. That's one thing we are really focusing on.


The conversation about viability is going to be more challenging.

Keep the show on the road

There are some efficiencies and some better ways of working that are going to change the way we operate going forward quite fundamentally.

Cold turkey

Six or seven years ago, my GP kindly said I was for the knacker’s yard.