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Original inspiration

I never had a roadmap or plan for my career. I just stumbled into the next thing.

No simple solutions

We have three pilot sites for modern methods of construction to see if we can get around some of these challenges.

Up a notch

The Knowledge Quarter needs to give back to the local community.

Motoring ahead

We've just asked our communities where they think there are opportunities for new homes.

Active partner

Placemaking colleagues were very active in shaping the vision. We were a really active partner.

Change the world

I'm trying to change the world a little bit every day.

Outward looking

It's fantastic to see so many boroughs delivering homes to top environmental standards.

Sense of purpose

It turned out to be one of the most awful, traumatic experiences. I was incredibly naive.

Profound effect

What's important, in those difficult situations, is being transparent and honest.

It’s still not enough

It's one of the best innovation districts in the entire world, partly by accident.