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Everything I do

Northfields is another industrial site and we have a commitment to provide more industrial space there.

Turning point

It's a very addictive thing. We do it every year, in various places, and thoroughly enjoyt it.

Awful experience

Life is short. What is it you want your legacy to be?

Moral duty

I say to anyone coming to Brent: meet our residents because you will see why we are doing this.

Fantastic to hear

It's a real example of how regeneration and development should be.

We have leverage

We will work with you however long it takes to get affordable housing, family units, open space. There is a standard we expect.

Time is of the essence

It could negate all the work we've been doing for two years to reduce our temporary accommodation list.

Real issues

We're very keen to look at masterplans or area action plans to give some certainty to developers and residents.