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What makes it tick?

I bought a Raspberry Pie. It's a single board computer that allows you to reminisce, get back into technology.

You can only do better

I'm not saying we've done everything right. But sitting on the fence doesn't help anyone.

A better way

The reputation of Brent has changed significantly. It has been about honesty, about transparency.

Hopes and ambitions

If someone is not doing as well as myself or yourself, we have a duty to help them stand with us so they can see the vision I'm looking at.

Red carpet treatment

I've got 20,000 people on the housing waiting list. It's about being able to build those homes and I don't think height should be an issue.

On the ground

I have set a target for Brent: 5,000 homes over the next administration. We are more than well on our way to achieving that.

Everything I do

Northfields is another industrial site and we have a commitment to provide more industrial space there.

Turning point

It's a very addictive thing. We do it every year, in various places, and thoroughly enjoyt it.

Awful experience

Life is short. What is it you want your legacy to be?

Moral duty

I say to anyone coming to Brent: meet our residents because you will see why we are doing this.