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Changing worlds

I'm looking for someone to take us to a new level.

The engine room

We are LBBD Plc. My shareholders happen to be 215,000 residents.

Don’t get in the way

We need a system that allows people to have aspiration, while not taking infrastructure away from society.

Warm, safe and aspirational

We can do a lot with nothing and we know how to talk ourselves into or out of a fight.

Beacon of hope

It has to have that social infrastructure - it's not just bricks and mortar.

Everyone has value

I'm hoping people will still want me here and I've got a choice to make.

A lonely job

He cares the same as I care. We may have different views on how to get to the goal, but we both want the goal.

One of life’s joys

I find myself stockpiling things that need to be done, in Covid.

Great attractions

I won't pretend I knew I was going into planning. I absolutely did not.

Make mistakes and fix them

The idea was to mix with all the other disciplines - the idea was you bounce off each other.