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Absolute caning

They have taken an absolute caning and they’re going to continue to show that they’re a really poor investment.

The big challenge

The big challenge will be that the development financing industry is going to completely collapse over the next few weeks.

Midfield enforcer

It seemed like a good idea, but I nearly got the leader lynched.

Challenging convention

You’re exposed to it, people talk about it. It’s just so important.

Get into it

The stuff I was involved in then is being ripped out at the moment, which is quite entertaining.

The focus

This feels like quite a pivotal moment, when a lot of things are coming together in one place.

There’s nothing better

We underestimate that sometimes: it doesn’t necessarily require huge intervention from the state to make marvellous things happen.

Always start with the people

For the council, it was like showing them fire for the first time. They were terrified of it, but also it was warm.

Bells and whistles

It still is a very nice place to live, now. Why can’t we do more places like that?

And that’s how it happens

You’re not going to get away with it, frankly. It’s not going to fly and you should assume it’s not going to fly.