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One of life’s joys

I find myself stockpiling things that need to be done, in Covid.

Great attractions

I won't pretend I knew I was going into planning. I absolutely did not.

Make mistakes and fix them

The idea was to mix with all the other disciplines - the idea was you bounce off each other.

A full-on project

I think it's a fantastic city. Some of that is topography, some of it is that it's not perfect.

It’s a no-brainer

There are certain ways that things can be presented where it’s clear there is no appetite for delivering what’s being described, or the drivers aren’t right.

Scale of ambition

Most things that are worth achieving are complicated.

A planning super-service

Covid has really brought home the idea of 15-minute neighbourhoods. We need more around us than just a home.

Absolute caning

They have taken an absolute caning and they’re going to continue to show that they’re a really poor investment.

The big challenge

The big challenge will be that the development financing industry is going to completely collapse over the next few weeks.

Midfield enforcer

It seemed like a good idea, but I nearly got the leader lynched.