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Changing worlds

I'm looking for someone to take us to a new level.

It’s time for a big idea

There are two main benefits that central government can offer housing: one is confidence, the second is advocacy.

Preserving and nurturing

When austerity hit, at the forefront running the food banks were the faith communities. Everyone collaborated. That’s really borne benefits for the whole community.

Relentless enthusiasm

I'm less of a dealmaker, I’m somebody who is good at bringing people together to make things happen.

Skin in the game

To make change happen and deliver things for local people, some of that is about being willing and prepared to take the downside of responsibility and authority.

Fight your corner

I was refereeing Vinnie Jones and Dennis Wise...

Challenging convention

You’re exposed to it, people talk about it. It’s just so important.

Learning moment

There were times when I thought: "This is madness".