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Rising tide

Ged Curran
Ged Curran
Chief executive, Merton Council
Challenges ● March 6, 2020

Wimbledon is a real challenge because its future is tied to Crossrail 2 so intimately. You have to guess that one of the outcomes of the General Election [in December 2019] is going to be that capital expenditure on that scale, in London, is not going to happen for quite a long time. So that’s put on ice and it’s likely to blight Wimbledon.

So we’ve got five years of paralysis, with people not really investing, because Crossrail 2 is hanging in the background. That’ll be a challenge.

Mitcham is a real conundrum because, at the moment, at its bleakest, it’s turned into a traffic island that’s lost its purpose as ...

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