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Honour bound

Keith Ferry
Keith Ferry
Deputy leader, Harrow Council
Pastimes ● February 14, 2020

I dig my allotment. I grow cabbages, potatoes. I've got 10 chickens, collect about five or six eggs a day. I know it sounds a bit “Jeremy Corbyn”, but I've always had an allotment. I just find it's somewhere you can relax. Also it's mine so I can do exactly what I want. There're very few things in life that you can say that about. You can decide: “Right, I’m going to grow potatoes there”. Nobody else in the world can have any control over what I'm going to do on my allotment.

You get out in the fresh air. You’ve got to concentrate on what you're doing, so you forget about the outside world. I go down there for a couple of h...

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