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Ruth Dombey and Jayne McCoy
Ruth Dombey and Jayne McCoy
Leader and deputy leader, Sutton Council
Pastimes ● August 27, 2019

Ruth (pictured above): I lived in Italy for 20 years and I worked in the financial sector, and sales and marketing. It was quite stressful.

My husband was also in sales, in a different sector. We were earning lots of money and we were totally stressed out. One of the reasons we decided to live in England was to get away from all of that, and he laughs at me on a Saturday morning. We were going to have a much more relaxing life. We knew we wouldn’t be earning as much, but it would be a better quality of life. The reason he laughs is because I’m working even harder than I did before, for about a fifth of the money. But I’m a...

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