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Nesil Caliskan

Leader, Enfield Council

Cllr Simon Miller

Cabinet member for economic growth and high streets, Waltham Forest Council

Stewart Murray

Strategic director economic growth and housing delivery, Waltham Forest Council

Cllr Martin Whelton

Cabinet member for regeneration, housing and transport, Merton Council

Ged Curran

Chief executive, Merton Council

Chris Lee

Director of environment and regeneration, Merton Council

Unfiltered. Unedited. Undeniable.

The Voice of Authority publishes video and written interviews and webinars with top people from councils, presenting their ambitions, challenges and motivations and the influences on their approach to growth and regeneration.

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We know councillors are the voice for residents, businesses and community services in their borough. With an ever increasing focus on partnerships in the development sector, what better way to understand people and place than to hear the candid views of councillors about what makes them tick, their challenges and vision for their place through The Voice of Authority? ” Kate Ives, development director, Wates Residential.

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Latest Video Interviews

Latest Interviews


Challenging us

That’s really underpinned the kind of communities that develop – people’s engagement with local communities. They become more challenging of us.

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Capacity challenge

Did I see 20 years ago that it would transform the way it did? I wouldn’t have thought that would happen.

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Absolutely delightful

We need to ensure that we always have incubation space for local businesses and space for them to gain scale and maturity. It’s always a part of the discussion with developers.

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